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Dr Braj Kishore Sharma
(M.A., M.Ed, Awarded Vidyavachaswati & Vidyasagar Degree)
Renowned Educationist, Poet, and Author with a Great Orator, He has devoted a long time aprox 40
years in education, for education and to education of his life. He is always be first to support innovative
education system and wants to replace old pattern of education in to present world’s new era of
education. He has set many milestones to give education for everyone.
He is the Managing Director & Chair Person of the company. He says “Three things always should be in
between the walls of the home Money, Mirror & Matters.” Here the money is going out of our country
by the multinational companies and we are looking on their faces only, but now we are coming with this
new concept, in which the business will grow up in increasing order always, profit also will be up and up.
He says “AA DEKHEN ZARA will be a milestone just because of its innovative &
country first concept; concept will show the power of people and their devotion for our nation very


Kshitij Pranjal Sharma
[M.A., MBA & PhD (Research Scholar) in Marketing & PR, PGJMC from IGNOU, Delhi]
“Conceptual Marketing will bring the great change in the industry; it will be a new era of advertising
field.” says Kshitij Pranjal Sharma, he is working in marketing and advertising field from 1992.
“There is no any direct benefit given by any company to the consumer, just because of the supply chain,
individual profit sharing and self no limit income desires, although consumer is the loop key person,
there is no any business & future without them.”

He says “Commitment shows your inner power, and its failure shows your low

thought process, better to chose inner power with own words, if you want to be successful.”
“There is no any free lunch in this world, everything can be earn just cause of hard & smart work, need
to understand the scenario and the present market with its study.”

Aa Dekhen Zara, provides a platform to do complete our dreams by
getting everything at ‘Khoob Kharido’, to show the talent in front of this world at ‘Hunarbaaz’, to play a
brain game ‘Crossword’, to get actual revert after spending your precious time at ‘Aa Dekhen Zara’, to
know exact about our future with accurate calculations at ‘Astrology’, to be secure and to do secure
your own and your family & friends at ‘Pukar’, to book any having event anywhere surrounding or far
just for fun with joy at ‘Event Booking’, to sell, book, rent outing & lease your property or take at
‘Property’ and many more……so be a member of our group, you have to spend a big ‘smile’ to join us.

Aa Dekhen Zara